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Filho's Infographic of Debian with license exception does not allow use of TDF or LibreOffice

First when I saw Claudio Filho's new Infographic of Debian Understanding Debian I thought "great work", but then I spotted the license section on the bottom left of the graphic that puts the work under CC BY-NC-SA, but with a restriction

with the exception clause (*): Is forbidden to use, to reference or to use of any material of TDF or LibreOffice in this material or derivatives.
Trying to parse that it seems he wants to say that TDF or LibreOffice or any of its materials may not be used or mentioned in derivatives of his work, i.e. the LibreOffice logo in the Sources section. I'd call that an unfree license. (Yes, the NC in CC is that anyway, but IMHO acceptable in art works).

However, knowing that Claudio Filho is an active supporter of Apache OpenOffice I wonder what good that restriction shall actually do. This is not lowering barriers between both projects. And it certainly is not the right way to promote the spirit of Free Software.

I'm embedding the graphic here, convinced that the entire article does not form a derivative work referencing LibreOffice and embedding would be forbidden.

Infographic of Debian